Quality politics

In order to satisfy our clients’ needs we committed into:

Offer high quality services.

Efficient and continuous monitoring of processes during project and studies implementation.

Continued improvement of processes, procedures, products and services through performance indicators.

Offer highly skilled services.

Our Directive

Jose Manga


Civil Engineer expert in environmental issues, with a Ph.D in Environmental Pollution Engineering and comprehensive scientific and technological training. Extensive knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the National Environmental System and of the great socio-environmental and development challenges of the country. Expert in the evaluation of engineering projects. Great experience in the management of the public, promoting spaces of understanding between companies and public and private organizations, in such a way that an adequate sustainable development in Colombia is allowed. Par evaluator of research projects and Ex – Counselor of the National Program of Sciences of the Environment and of the Habitat – COLCIENCIAS. Par evaluator of high quality accreditation programs of the National Accreditation Council (CNA). Director of Doctoral Thesis. REFEREE of national and international journals in the environmental field. Former National Comptroller Delegate for the Environment Sector (CGR).

Jorge Arrieta

Technical Manager

Chemical Engineer with emphasis in Environmental Engineering, with great attributes of leadership and responsibility. Capacities and skills for teaching, coordination of work groups, research, innovation and project development. Extensive experience in issues related to the environment, including the design of treatment technologies (treatment of drinking water and wastewater, control of air pollution, integrated management of solid waste), environmental modeling (treatment systems and ecosystems), strategic environmental management, evaluation of environmental impacts, sustainable urbanism, cleaner production, alternative energies, territorial and water resources management, valuation of environmental costs, among others. Skills for the management of basic and specialized software.

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ECOCIALT S.A.S was established as a consultancy and technical assistance firm their aim was to provide environmental and civil solutions, as well as technological and legal services related, for both public and private sector.