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Environmental Consulting

Environmental impact assessment

Development of environmental impact studies for projects, which includes the development of environmental diagnosis, the identification and evaluation of impacts, design of environmental and social management plans, monitoring and contingency plans.

Environmental land planning

Update, Formulation and Implementation of Environmental Studies that allow adequate management of land use, taking into account the capacities of both the supply of environmental services and their demand.

Environmental Planning and Evaluation

Update, formulation and implementation of Environmental Studies that serve as a tool in Environmental Planning processes in both the public and private sectors; or as instruments of strategic environmental assessment both at national, regional and local levels.

Water resource management

Development of studies aimed at making a better management of the water resource, both superficial and underground, through the use of computer tools that allow better decision making on the use of this resource.

Business Environmental Management

Technical assistance in the preparation of all types of studies associated with the socio-environmental responsibility of companies. In addition, audits of policies, plans, programs and projects, follow-up of EIA plans, social management of communities, management of procedures for regulatory entities, environmental expertise, among others.

Geographic information systems

We supported the construction and management of georeferenced databases, multitemporal analysis of environmental components, programming in GIS, among others.

Risk management

Update, Formulation and Implementation of Risk Management Studies, of different scales of work both urban and rural, through the application of methodologies associated with the determination of risks due to floods, torrential avenues, mass removal, fires, among others.

Environmental engineering

Environmental Pollution Control

Design, construction and start up of wastewater treatment systems, both
domestic and industrial; water quality modelling in lotic and lentic water
bodies; preparation of studies for the definition of the best alternatives for
separation, collection, treatment and disposal of waste; monitoring of
physical, chemical and microbiological parameters in water, soil and air.

Environmental Recovery

Studies and works of recovery, restoration and ecological rehabilitation for various uses, such as conservation and protection, among others.

Project Management and Supervision

Project management

Provision of the integral management service of a project, through planning, dynamization, talent organization, resource management and lobby processes, among others.

Project audit and supervision

Verification of the fulfillment of contractual commitments agreed between the client and the contractor, ensuring that the entrusted activities are carried out in full, according to the designs and technical specifications, within the expected deadlines and costs and with the expected quality requirements.

Environmental Training

Professional Update:

Through the training of our professionals, the company offers training courses on the following topics: Environmental Regulation, Territorial Planning, Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Control biological pollution, water quality, environmental management systems, Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, among others.

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ECOCIALT S.A.S was established as a consultancy and technical assistance firm their aim was to provide environmental and civil solutions, as well as technological and legal services related, for both public and private sector.